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Frequently Asked Questions

Check most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please contact us at info@zartana.net. thanks!

About me

I have been a designer for 12+ years. Companies I've designed for - Macys, Urban outfitters, Target, Bella Canvas, The Hundreds and many other brands. 

I began taking astrology seriously in 2017. I have done countless webinars and have read many manyyyyy books and joined Nightlight Astrology school to help me put it all together. 

I use the whole sign house system because the timing techniques I use were created by the ancients that used the whole sign house system. I am also a libra Venus and prefer using this system because it's easy on the eyes. 😁

My readings are completely interactive. I create conversations based on your needs so we make sure you get what you are looking for during your consultation. A pdf of your chart and any other important information along with the recording will be emailed up to two weeks after consultation.

In my readings I use both, for timing I refer to traditional astrology, for personal specifications I use modern. Traditional astrology isn't about "oh you're a gemini? you must overshare a lot" so I use them both to fill in the blanks for client readings but my structure in readings is traditional.