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  • Jupiter in Astrology

    Jupiter in Astrology

    Like the other planets, Jupiter has its own astrological significance. As the fifth planet in the solar system, this gas giant has a unique quality among the planets. It’s not just any old planet—Jupiter is special. In astrology, Jupiter is...

  • What is a Nodal Reversal?

    What is a Nodal Reversal?

    When you are 27, 46, 64, or 83 years old, your South Node will reverse. During this time, you will return to the basics and rediscover the positive aspects of your South Node. Nodal reversal is an event that can...

  • Scorpio Season

    Scorpio Season

    Traditionally ruled by Mars. Scorpio's actions are often perceived as destructive and intimidating, because Scorpios are driven by their Mars-ruled passion. Scorpios rarely attack first. They prefer to hold their power in reserve.These people have an almost tangible magnetism that reveals...

  • What is Sect?

    What is Sect?

    The ancient astrological concept of sect divides the seven traditional "planets" (including the Sun, the Moon and the five starry planets) into two groups: those that rise and set with the Sun (the diurnal planets) and those that do not...

  • October Horrorscopes

    October Horrorscopes

    Welcome to your October Horror-scope! It's my favorite time of year and I'm so excited to share my October Horror-scope with you. The spookiest month of the year is fully upon us, and it's time to get ready for some...

  • Your beauty routine and the Moon

    Your beauty routine and the Moon

    The moon illuminates the night, and its phases have been used to predict weather, guide people through their cycles of life, and even help us determine when the best time to plant seeds.It's no wonder we've used it for so...