Astrology, Where to start?

Astrology, Where to start?

Coming across loads of Tiktoks about astrology? Countless online magazines talking about your moon sign? Listening to an astrologer tell you that you should read your horoscope using your rising sign, and now you finally decided to try to understand what astrology is, you go to Google, type in a phrase and you come across a Natal chart calculator, so you put in your information and for the first time in your life you see a circle chart and you think to yourself, what is this? So, then you start Googling piece by piece. What does the moon in Cancer mean? What, does Venus in Libra mean? And now you're bombarded with millions and millions of different sites with so many words. You begin to read but then you're left with hunger. “I want to understand more,” you say to yourself. You begin to Google books. Then suddenly, hundreds of astrology books pop up. And you don't know where to begin. Well, with this list. I will be sharing some of my favorite astrology books.

1. You Were Born for This: Astrology for Radical Self-Acceptance

Chani Nicholas, You were born for this, is one of my favorite beginner books. This book is filled with digestible information about your chart. It contains reflection questions for each placement to check-ins with your chart, this even coincides with her website. This book is great for somebody who wants to understand their chart with not so much technical talk.

2. Astrology: Using the Wisdom of the Stars in Your Everyday Life

Next, we got Astrology using the wisdom of the stars in your everyday life by Carole Taylor. This book is really fun because it reminds me of a traditional textbook, illustrations are simple yet get to the point and it gives you tons of information, from what the planet in each house means to understand yourself, your beliefs, how to plan celebrations? How to start a family? And other Life events using astrology. This book is a great introduction to the complex world of what is astrology.

3. A Scheme of Heaven: The History of Astrology and the Search for our Destiny in Data

Now, if there's somebody who's looking to understand the history of astrology, a Scheme of heaven by Alexander Boxer is a great book to go to. This book is an introduction to astrology's long history through a data scientist's view. It shows you the predictive powers of astrology and how impactful astrology is. It'll show you the deep inside the cultural legacy of what is astrology. This book is for you to understand how astrology was used 2000 years ago and it explores human patterns. This book shows you how the Babylonians presented astrology and how it's made its way to today. This is a great book to start a more in-depth intermediate astrology study. It explains where everything came from, but it doesn't give you the formulas just quite yet. So by the time you're finished with this book. You'll ask yourself "how can I apply these predictive techniques to my chart."

4. Ancient Astrology in Theory and Practice: A Manual of Traditional Techniques, Volume I: Assessing Planetary Condition

So now my next recommendation is Ancient astrology in theory and practice. By Demetra George. This book will give you anything and everything you need to know about Hellenistic astrology and how to apply these techniques to your chart. This book is 500 and pages with lots of information and exercises to help you understand astrology on a deeper level. You'll learn things about sect, planets in domicile, triplicity lord, bound lord, the speed of planets, etc. This book is great because it helps you understand the complexity of traditional astrology. If you're a student of astrology this is something that you have to have.

5. Hellenistic Astrology: The Study of Fate and Fortune

Now my final and probably one of my go-to's constantly is Hellenistic astrology. The study of Fate and Fortune by Chris Brennan. Here you'll also learn the history and origins of Western astrology. Study example charts, recover techniques that were lost. Chris is one of the greatest astrologers that we currently have. His knowledge is insane when it comes to astrology and very thankful that this book exists.

What I wanted to do is compile a very simple list that will give you an intro to astrology and kind of lead you to a more in-depth study of it. Hopefully, I have answered your question of "Where to start." Astrology is beautiful when uncovered in layers. As you get to meet different parts of yourself, the deeper you get. I've been very lucky to have been exposed to this and taken my study seriously throughout the years. These books have been staples of mine. As far as giving straight direction, sometimes when we don’t know where to start or maybe the information we're grabbing it from 10 different places and our mind gets jumbled and we don't know exactly what structure we're going after. The books on this list, I would say are different levels of understanding astrology. The first two books are a great introduction to you and your chart. The one after gives a more in-depth history of astrology and an understanding of how powerful Astrology can be. The last two will give you the formulas and help you understand the traditions that were lost. So I hope you found this short, but straight-to-the-point list helpful and I hope that you have fun learning about astrology.


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