Dear Sagittarius

Dear Sagittarius

You are burning with desire to venture into the future; the future, you believe, promises more discoveries and explorations than the past or present. You may be fleeing the past or an uncomfortable present moment or running towards the future. Although you are either fleeing or exploding and standing and exploding, you will do so because of your problems with ethics or your own morals. You were once honest and straightforward. You either have or believe you have broken your trust in yourself, as well as your honesty and honor. If you don't run, you respect others and feel happy to be equal with them. Even if you believe you are not entirely honest (either consciously or unconsciously), you will attempt to transfer blame and become morally superior, resulting in your own hypocrisy and then being confronted with your own hypocrisy, and finding yourself inadequate inwardly.

You alternate between focusing on yourself or on the world, between being objective or subjective, Sagittarius. You want to bring these two together, which may be demonstrated by studying then teaching, running away when you feel your freedom being eroded away, coming back to fulfill the connection, or diving into your own mind and then using what you've learned about yourself to assist you to understand others.

There are times when your confidence, trust, enthusiasm, and vigor all fluctuate. On those occasions when your energies are high, you charge out into new activities with vigorous pleasure, oblivious to the fact that nothing can go wrong. When your energies drop, you feel intimidated, and you lose confidence. When you feel threatened, you might burst out in a volcanic temper, wanting to destroy everything around you. However, your confidence is often low enough that you run away after an explosion. It would be beneficial if you went for a long walk in fresh air after an explosion to calm down. When you admit that you were incorrect and realize you have something to apologize for, you begin to accept where you were projecting blame onto the other party. When you don't reach this level of honesty, your anger remains high but is directed at yourself instead of the other party.

Your fascination with the future may be due to your desire to make discoveries and explore or because you are running away from the past or an unpleasant present. It may be due to the fact that there are still a lot of discoveries to be made or because you are avoiding the past or an unpleasant present moment. You will either run or stand and explode because of your ethical difficulties or your own moral difficulties. You originally were entirely honest and above board. If you run and honor everyone else, feeling happily equal to all, it will be because you either have or believe you have, broken your trust in yourself, in your honesty and honor. If you judge that you are not fully ethical (consciously or unconsciously), you will attempt to shift the blame, becoming morally superior in the process, then subject to your own hypocrisy, inwardly finding yourself lacking.



Sagittarius is a diurnal sign ruled by Jupiter. It is also detriment when Mercury is in its sign. In order to get a good wrap around the sign we must keep that in mind. 

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac, and it's ruled by Jupiter—the largest planet in our solar system. This means that people born under this sign have a lot of energy and enthusiasm for life. They're also optimistic, which can be great if you want to keep things positive (and not get caught up in all of life's little stresses).

On top of being ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius is also detriment when Mercury is in its sign—which means that Sagittarians tend to be more scattered than other signs. Their minds are always wandering off somewhere else, which can lead to procrastination on projects or even forgetting things altogether!

With all that said we have a collection! 

If you're a Sagittarius, you're probably pretty good at losing your mind. You've got a lot of energy and an adventurous spirit, and you like to dive headfirst into new challenges. That's why we love this mini collection! It features the graphic with the quote "Lose your mind, Find your soul" which is very on-brand for you. We also have our Lucha Libre mask "Sagitario" graphic as well.

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