Gemini Season

Gemini Season

Gemini season is here, and it's all about the mind.

If Taurus season is earthy, focused on the body and the five senses, Gemini season — usually runs from about May 21 to June 21 but this year starts on May 20. If Taurus season is more like a warm bath than a cold shower, Gemini season is like an ice bath that wakes you up just enough to keep you alive.

We all know Gemini is a constellation—it's right there in the sky, a twin pair of stars that are always together. But where did it come from? In Greek mythology, we learn that Castor and Pollux were twins sired by different fathers. When Castor was killed, heartbroken Pollux intervened with his dad, who was the king of the universe. A deal was struck: the two brothers would be immortalized together in the heavens. And that is where the constellation Gemini originated.

In this way, Gemini represents something deeper than just astronomy: it represents our human desire for immortality through art and story. Our ancestors wanted to live on through their children and grandchildren—and they wanted those children to remember them fondly after they were gone. So they immortalized themselves in stories and songs, just as we do today when we pass down family recipes or tell bedtime stories about great-grandma's childhood adventures with her best friend.

Gemini season is a great time to start thinking about your wildest goals. It's also a great time to start thinking about why those goals are important to you and make sure they're aligned with your values. This is because Gemini season motivates us by making us question everything: our pasts, our presents, our futures… even our own identities! If we don't take some time during this period to understand ourselves better, we'll find ourselves swept away by whatever winds come our way this month. 

If you have prominent Gemini placements your energy might be a little like you have a lot of different sides to your personality, which can make you hard to pin down. You're adaptable and flexible in varying circumstances and can show different parts of yourself to different people. You may have two different jobs or professions in order to stay mobile and active, being the communicating link between places, people, and ideas.

During this Sun transit, we can have difficulty staying on one track for any length of time, and you hunt for alternative methods and solutions to any problem. Your likes and dislikes vary with your moods, which can be tense and nervous, leaning toward worry where security is concerned. You can work with great intensity in short bursts of time, but if you decide not to like working at something, nothing can persuade you to put any effort into it.

Let's look at some significant dates for this transit to see how we can use this Gemini season to our advantage. 

  • May 21, 2022 - Sun conjunct Mercury - A great day to share your point of view with the world. Watch for overstimulation.
  • May 23, 2022 - Sun sextile Jupiter - A good day to be generous to others. Build self-confidence and watch for entitlement. 
  • May 30, 2022 - New Moon in Gemini - New Interplay of feelings and intellect. New emotional process. Watch for living too much in your head. 
  • June 14, 2022 - Full Moon in Sagittarius - An abundant day. Watch for over-the-top dramatics. 
  • June 15, 2022 - Sun trine Saturn - Self-discipline at its high.  
  • June 16, 2022 - Sun square Neptune - Imagination at its high but it comes with the feelings of wanting to escape. 




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