How does Mercury retrograde work?

How does Mercury retrograde work?

I'm sure by now you've heard about Mercury retrograde as it's one of the most talked-about retrogrades. Mercury retrogrades about three times a year and usually lasts around three or four weeks, although the effects are a little bit longer because there is a pre-shadow and a post-shadow. Which I'm sure you've also have heard about, but you may not have heard how this motion works. These stages are a well-known astronomical phenomenon.

Now to understand that the planet is not going backward like we may have heard. We can look at this example of if you've ever been on a train that was moving fast next to another train going in the same direction. You could probably look at it and say that it was moving backward, but of course, it wasn't. It was just an apparent backward movement, not a real one. Well, this is how Mercury retrograde works. Earth is the train that we're traveling on, and it's traveling around the sun and other planets are also doing the same thing. Now, while every planet retrogrades, Mercury is one that we hear very often because Mercury is an important planet in our world. All of these movements have a substantial impact on our lives.

So we talked about the pre and post shadow periods. Let's go over these three stages. The first stage might have you review certain things, maybe start beginning to have doubts or things might begin to move too quickly. Projects might be piling up causing more errors or you just might not be having enough movement at all. Some Astrologers would even suggest that the Pre Shadow is probably the one that hits hard. This part is kind of like the breakdown for the breakthrough. Now, once a planet goes retrograde, or now that we're talking about Mercury, this time is when your daily routines become difficult. It's not the best time to make decisions. Things that you might sign as far as contracts etc. they might be forgotten once mercury goes direct again because things are not being properly thought out. Transport disruptions and services disruptions happen. This is the typical time that Instagram usually goes down. It's usually best to avoid making final decisions during this time. It is a great time when we find alternative solutions for old problems. Now on the post shadow, once it's gone direct, this is the best time to reevaluate all the decisions that you have made during Mercury retrograde. It is also a time that things fall out from the actual retrograde themselves. So those Technology related purchases may not be the best to do during this time. Software issues can be a problem you might not even like the design of the product you purchased. There are so many things that we shouldn't do during Mercury retrograde but it always leaves a gift. That could be lots of new ideas, solutions to old problems, going in a new direction, new opportunities, an open mind. Retrogrades are all about gaining experience. No doubt that things can get very frustrating during this time especially if mercury is your time lord. And if you have a lot of mercurial energy in your chart. While it is frustrating And sometimes just downright rude. One of the best pieces of advice that I can give you while dealing with any Mercury retrograde......Is to have a sense of humor because Mercury is a trickster.

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