Key Financial Significators in the Natal Chart

Key Financial Significators in the Natal Chart

The financial significators through a traditional lens…

Your natal chart is a snapshot of who you are and where you are going. The natal chart is broken into different sections, each reflecting a different part of your life. Some signifiers are general while others are quite specific. For example, there are general financial indicators such as whether you will inherit money, the source of any inheritance you receive, and whether you will encounter poverty at some point in your life. There are also very specific indicators such as how much money you will make in any career or job you choose. Each section of the chart has its own set of key financial signifiers that can help to predict how things might play out based on their current position in the houses and their astrological significance.

Finding Financial Significators

Some astrologers consider the sign on the cusp of the second house, the planets present there, and the ruling planet of the house in establishing a financial significator. The Lot of Fortune, the Lot of assets, and Jupiter are additional significators used by traditional astrologers to determine the native's source of income and general welfare. In addition, the Sun in a daily chart, the Moon in a nocturnal chart, and their triple rulers are also considered. The Ascendant's lord is also a significator.

The planet(s) on the cusp of the second house, as well as the sign on the cusp, are considered by modern astrologers as financial significators. The Lot of Fortune, the Lot of assets, and Jupiter are considered by traditional astrologers as additional significators for determining how the native earns money and where his general welfare comes from. The Sun, the Moon, and their triple lords are also considered in diurnal charts, as are the Ascendant and its lord. To figure this out we must look at the following:

Planets located in the 2nd house. 

The lord of the 2nd.

The Lot of Fortune and its lord.

The Lot of Assets and its lord.


To find the Lot of Assets use the following formula:

Ascendant + Cusp of 2nd - lord of 2nd (calculator here

The Second House

The planets in the second house, or the lord of that house, reveal how the native earns money, how he obtains resources, how strong their income is, or how they may preserve his earnings. Therefore, the lord of the second house is significant, since the nature of this planet is what generates the native's income. The 2nd house, or the lord of that house, tells the native how they earn money, how much they have, how they preserve their earnings, or how he makes his living. The lord of the 2nd house provides great significance, therefore, to the nature of the professions in which the native earns their living.

To look at the condition of the house we must look at the planets sitting in and the lord of the house. 

Ex. Saturn in or Lord of the 2nd

 Saturn in this house or ruling this house may indicate profits from construction, finance, or accounting businesses, or from labour, industry, and technology-related activities. Working hard and making an effort are the traditional methods for achieving success and wealth. The native may have taken on the duty of supporting themselves as a child. They are cautious and careful when spending their money or investing it. They are afraid of being penniless in their old age, which is why they seek financial security in their old age. However, this is dependent on the position of Saturn. For example, if Saturn is in Leo or Aries (which is in detriment or fall), the individual may be confronted with unexpected expenses. Construction, finance, and accounting are some professions that Saturn in this position might denote profits. Labor, industry, and technology-related businesses are some other examples. According to tradition, earning money and accumulating wealth is possible if one works hard and makes an effort. The native may have had to work in order to make a living in their early years. They are cautious and frugal with their money and make investments. 

Lot of Fortune

Many chart subjects, including a person's financial status and life expectancy, utilize the Lot of Fortune. Even when the Lot is not the official indicator of financial resources, its house location may be seen as a good luck indicator for gaining income and financial resources.

The position of the Lot in the chart gives us information about the native's luck, prosperity, success, and gains, as well as his or her instincts (that is, how he or she tries to achieve his or her goals and desires). The Moon is also associated with the Lot, which is why it also relates to the native's instincts. The sign and house in which the lord of the Lot is placed reveal in which areas of life the native's needs and desires are achieved and in what way.

The Lot of Fortune is frequently employed in chart subjects ranging from a native's financial standing to the length of life, to determine the overall ruler. Even when the Lot is not the official indicator of financial resources, its house location may be viewed as a good luck totem for financial gain and income. According to Guido Bonatti, this Lot signifies life, the body, and its soul; strength, fortune, and assets, and success. (to find the Lot of fortune look online for a calculator that will have it done for you automatically) 

Once you find the sign of your lot of fortune we can begin to put it all together. 

Ex. Lot of Fortune in Leo in the 9H

The purpose of the native's desire for monetary success is to establish himself, to demonstrate himself, and to gain a higher status. They wish to live well and earn a large income. Appreciates other people because it motivates and stimulates them. They are courageous and brave in creating opportunities for financial gain, whether through the arts, show business, or politics. The motivation for the native to make money is to show themself, gain status, and gain power. They wish to have a good life and earn a lot of money. Appreciates other people in order to motivate and energize. Brave and bold in creating profit opportunities through the arts, show business, and politics. The native person can earn money through journeys, foreigners, import-export business, and foreign locations by feeling happy. They can also earn money from religious and philosophical subjects, spirituality, literature, writing, education, publishing, and research. Foreign people and distant relatives may bring them chances and opportunities. Might gain opportunities and chances from foreign people and distant relatives.

Using the Financial Significator

The native's future prospects can be determined from the house in which the financial significator (such as the Lord of the 2nd house, Fortune Lot, or its lord) resides.

In order to discover where the native's chances occur and what they are related to, we should examine the house the financial significator (such as the lord of the 2nd house, Lot of Fortune, or its lord) is in. 

Lets say that we decided to use the Lot of fortune lord and its in the 11th house this would make the 11th house as a financial indicator. Gaining to friends, business deals, or loans, or they will earn a large amount of money because of a fortunate turn of events, or they will acquire it through their own friends. Any enterprise, friendship, the support of friends, profit derived from position or favor, hope, comfort, and promotion through the commendation of friends will result in a successful outcome. They will find assets from friends, businessmen, lenders, or from products. Friends or business associates may assist them in finding it. They will come upon it through an unexpected windfall or through matters in which they hope to make money.

Issues with Significators

William Lilly suggests that we consider these four issues when deciding whether or not a person's income is legal or illegal:

(which income can be taken away from) 

“Is the significator good or evil?”

The nature of the sign that they occupy.

“Is it combustible or non-combustible.”

"Lastly, whether a retrograde or not, he guarantees either positive or negative results, depending on whether he is retrograde or not."

It is usually a good sign if the significator is benefic in nature and indicates that the native's income is legal, while a malefic significator may indicate that it is not.

In addition, we should consider if the significator is in its dignity, burned, or retrograde in motion. When the benevolent planets are significators of riches and are not adversely aspected by the malevolent, the native will gain wealth by honorable and legitimate means, not by devious means. An inauspicious start, when retrograde, combust, peregrine, or afflicted, indicates the opposite; so, too, do those which are infortunes and have no connection with benevolence.

Profits from others

The 8th house is concerned with earning through other people or through other people's efforts. Let's go over some examples. If Jupiter or Saturn is in the 8th house, inheritance may provide financial security in later life. The native may suffer losses if the 8th house or its lord is afflicted. If the lord of the 8th is in the 2nd house, the native benefits from other people's money. These benefits may come from deceased people, a spouse, or an enemy. If the eighth house is not aspected by the lord of the Ascendant, it signifies the assets of the dead without profit, but if the fortunes rule the eighth, they signify those assets. If Jupiter is in the second or eleventh house, the native will gain assets due to the deceased. If Saturn is not in the eighth house in a person's chart, he will have many assets in old age due to inheritance, because the dead are signified by Saturn in the eighth house. According to an ancient astrologer, the lord of the 8th house should be in aspect with the lord of the Ascendant in order to guarantee profit through inheritances. The native may also suffer financial losses if the 8th house or its lord is afflicted. If the lord of the 8th is in the second house, the native benefits from other people's money. These gains may come from deceased people, a spouse, or enemies. 

When will I earn money? 

There are a few techniques that could be used for determining when the you may earn money and make better profits. One of them is the triplicity lords technique, suggested by traditional astrologers, which may be used for long-term predictions because each period covers 25 or 30 years. Another technique is profections, which may be used annually or monthly. As solar return charts go together with profections, we may see if the profits promised in the profection are also promised in the natal chart. We may also determine if conjunction, sextile, and trine transits, secondary progressions, or primary directions with the financial indicator in them point to periods that bring good profits. By studying the stars, we can get a better understanding of when these times will be. The movement of the financial significator can give us an indication of when you will make money. If the planet is favorably placed but does not have a favorable lord, the native will initially earn money but lose it over time. If the lord of the financial significator is favorably placed relative to it, then the native will not make as much money at first, but he will make more in time. If the financial significator (or its lord) is retrograde, the native may make money in later years of life.

We hope that this has given you a framework for figuring out what financial significators are in your chart, and how to delineate them. If you would like a specialized reading of the financial significators in your chart, please check out our financial reports!

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