Phases: A moon journal

Phases: A moon journal

Do you like to track your new moon intentions? do you like to see how they unfold when there is a new moon? Our lives reflect the phases of the moon. The projects we make during a new moon might meet a high point during a full moon or something might come to a close. With this journal you can keep track of it all. 

There are also two example prompts on the first page at the bottom to help with what to write. 

Here is an example on how I would use this journal: Lets start with May 11, 2021 we have a new moon in the sign on Taurus, here i would write a new intention related to finances beauty or art then by the full moon in Taurus in November id write how its unfolded. 

I love having a designated journal to write in. I hope you enjoy. 

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 Phases: Moon Journal


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