Scorpio Eclipse

Scorpio Eclipse

So, here's the skinny on monsters who eat the sun:

In Mayan legends from central Mexico, the monsters responsible for devouring the sun during an eclipse are described as "star demons," which were often portrayed as giant snakes or insects.

These creatures were so terrifying that they were even said to be able to devour themselves—a feat that would be pretty difficult for most humans (and probably some other creatures).

While this sounds like a pretty terrifying way to interpret an eclipse, there is one thing that could make it even worse: CAPITALISM 


Let's get to it.

 A total lunar eclipse happens when the earth moves between the sun and moon, taking a brief moment to block out all light from the sun. In this moment of darkness, we're confronted with our own inner lives as they play out on the moon.

The moon is constantly reflecting light back at us, but we don't see it very often. It's easy to get lost in what seems like an endless cycle of day and night: we wake up in the morning, and it's... daylight! Then we go to bed at night and it's... night! We don't have time to think about what lies beyond this binary before we're plunged into another day or night.

But with a total lunar eclipse, we can finally see what's hiding behind the curtain: our own shadow selves, who live in darkness while we sleep every night (and during some days). The shadows are what give us depth and complexity; they're where we hide our dreams, fears, aspirations. They are also where all those things remain secret until they're exposed by an eclipse—a moment when everything feels rawly illuminated.

When this happens during a total lunar eclipse (and only then), the sun shines directly onto your inner life by way of your shadow self.

 This eclipse is all about darkness and transformation. If you're a Scorpio, this means that you're going to be feeling your emotions like whoa—and not just because it's the sign of death, but also because this eclipse goes down in Scorpio, which contends with darkness and transformation.

Scorpio exhumes what has been made abject, forcing us to face our fears and experience them in order to move on. It is an opportunity for us to grow and become stronger through facing our deepest fears and overcoming them.

So what's the best way to do that? Well, there are two ways: one is through meditation or prayer, where you can focus on your fears and visualize yourself overcoming them; the other is by seeking out therapy or talking with a friend or family member. You'll find that both of these options will help you work through your fears!

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