Scorpio Season

Scorpio Season

Traditionally ruled by Mars. Scorpio's actions are often perceived as destructive and intimidating, because Scorpios are driven by their Mars-ruled passion. Scorpios rarely attack first. They prefer to hold their power in reserve.These people have an almost tangible magnetism that reveals itself expressly once their acute defensive instinct is stirred. Scorpio is a fixed sign, meaning they are stable and consistent. This quality makes them seem impassable in defense. Scorpio's reputation as a "bad boy" sign goes back to ancient times.

Dorotheus, a Greek astrologer, says that Scorpio's “nature and character are of embezzlement.” along with "He hastens to his affairs and has little reflection on matters. His reputation is disgraceful."

Abu Ma’shār writes that those born under Scorpio are, “…of many children, liable to anger, a liar, occupied in evil, good-looking, generous and mute.”

What we find is that Mars and Saturn are the most prevalent malefics in these attributions, with Mercury mixed in.

Scorpios are passionate, powerful people who have a tendency toward being a bit intense. But while they're ruled by the melefic planet Mars, they do have the ability to turn that into something positive.

Scorpio is a fixed sign, which means that the person tends to be consistent in their thoughts, feelings and actions. They don't often waver from their beliefs or change their minds easily. This can make them seem stubborn and inflexible at times—but it's also a great quality when combined with their determination!

Scorpios are drawn to helping others and making things better for everyone involved in a situation. Their intense passion makes them capable of doing truly amazing things with their talents and skillsets, which makes them excellent leaders because they understand how to motivate others around them!

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