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By Zartana C.


I'd like to believe that we are here for a deeper reason other than working 40hrs a week and paying bills . Getting into astrology has definitely made that belief a lot more solid. For those of you that know your rising sign this post might be something you'd like to read.  So let's begin...the rising sign sets the tone for your experience as a human.  It reflects the Zodiacal sign that was ascending on the eastern horizon the moment you were born. So your birth chart begins here. It is said that it's the path your soul deicide to take before it decided to join your body at birth. Now I'm speaking on purely spiritual terms. I am going to be listing all rising signs and the lessons they must learn and qualities to overcome.  Mind you this may also apply to your sun and moon, just depends on the overall chart, so also check those out if you feel the need to.  


Qualities to overcome anger, you must be able to establish a separate identity along with a healthy strong ego by setting boundaries, this will help you to learn your lessons in love and to be a birth place of ideas. You're here to create all on your own. 



Qualities to overcome inertia, you tend to remain in your fixed ways but during this lifetime you will have to learn to let go and learn non-attachment. You are going to need to establish a true meaning and value in life . 



Qualities to overcome extreme restlessness, this can come in the form of gossip. You're lesson to learn is to control your mind.  You are shallow in knowledge while believing you are well-versed. You're knowledge will be directly tied to your experiences, so listen. 



Qualities to overcome possessiveness, wild emotions.  Lessons to learn during this lifetime is to grant loved ones freedom to be who they are. Learn to constructively channel your emotions. You have the ability to master emotions during this lifetime . 



You need to overcome the need for an external throne.  During this lifetime you will need to learn self-mastery, develop an ego and surrender to the ego. Learning creative self expression is vital in this process. 



Quality to over criticism.  Overcoming this would come after learning discernment and thinking positively. Let go of being self centered and negative thinking.  



Quality to let go of is the urge to be victorious over others. This will have you with things you don't want only because you want to win.  You must learn to gain balance of will, love and intelligence in situations. Stop settling for peace at any price. You'll need to be more sincere. 



 Learn to overcome selfishness. Lesson to learn: self-sacrifice. Let go of vindictive, underhanded possessive and jealous qualities. Your tongue can be deadly. Learn to stop repressing your true feelings. During this lifetime you will have to let go of your lower self and ressurect into your higher self.   



Overcome procrastination. Lesson to learn is worthiness channeled through wisdom you acquire. Develop tactfulness, point blank honesty can hurt. Learn to stop projecting blame onto others and look into your inner world.  



Overcome personal ambition. Lessons to learn is to let go of material forms of life so that you are free to be the co-creator of these forms . What material things you are hanging onto that are weighing you down? 



Learn a positive balance in expression. Qualities to overcome the cool impersonal approach to life.  You may have a tendency to strike out in all directions with no real purpose. Sometimes you have to go alone in your own way, the right people will be there . 



Quality to overcome is the emotional ups and downs. Lesson to learn is understanding the meaning of divine love. Let go of moodiness and self pity. Pisces needs to be alone to find a creative outlet. Finding a creative outlet will help out balance your emotions they say music feeds pisces emotions like food feeds the body. 


Well that's it on lessons the rising sings need to learn . Now digging into the overall birthchart will obviously give you more of personal lessons to be learned. I will be opening up one to one birthchart readings pretty soon.  So watch out for that.  


Thank you for reading and excuse the typos. I really wanted to post this and had a make it work type of moment . 


Bye. ❤️

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  • That was ridiculously accurate for me. I’m an Aquarius with rising and sun of Capricorn. I’ve been cleaning out my bedroom and truly questioning all the material things in there. It’s going to take me a while, but I know it’s the right thing to do. Thanks for posting. This helps me stay grounded throughout my hectic workweek.

    Ari on

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