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By Zartana LLC

Wealth in Astrology

Every client who comes to me with this question is looking for different things, some want to know if they will ever save money and be able to retire, others wonder if their lottery numbers will come in. Some, however, just want to know if becoming a millionaire overnight is likely, or if working for another 10 years will allow them more time for a vacation. For you, I can answer all of these questions, but first, let me give you some context on how these questions are answered.

Let's narrow the meaning of what you are looking for. Let me help define what rich/wealth means to you.
Things to ask yourself:

  1.  Am I a spender or saver?
  2. Do I want to be rich or wealthy?
  3. Do I want to accumulate wealth? 
  4. Do I want to be able to build wealth over time or quickly? 
  5. Will I be able to keep the wealth? 

Now that we have a better idea of what wealth means to us we can begin to look at our charts.

The main houses we will be focusing on are the 2nd, 8th, and 11th houses. 2nd house is your money. The 8th house is money from others and the 11th house is money from career (please note that the entire chart works together but this is a great start) Planets in these houses can help or create challenges when it comes to income.

 To find how you make your money.....

So let's start with the second house. The pattern for the best source of income is the ruler of this house.

Here is a list of the planets and the signs they rule:

  • Sun- Leo
  • Moon- Cancer
  • Mercury- Gemini, Virgo
  • Venus- Taurus, Libra
  • Mars- Aries, Scorpio 
  • Jupiter- Pisces, Sagittarius 
  • Saturn- Capricorn, Aquarius

ex. Your second house is in Capricorn so the planet that rules this sign is Saturn, so now you need to find where Saturn is. Let's say that Saturn is located in the second house. This would mean that you could work as a chef, owner of restaurant, actor, radio, singer, fashion designer, perfume, jewelry..etc.

We need to now see if this 2nd house Saturn is going to help or hinder income. Time to judge this Saturn. We know that Saturn has the qualities of a malefic. If you were born during the day, Saturn is a lot more constructive when it comes to handling responsibility and other Saturnian qualities. Apologies to those born during the night. So we know that this Saturn is constructive, but there's more to judge here. We need to look at dignity as well. We learned above that Saturn is at home in the sign of Capricorn. This adds more strength to this Saturn.
Dignity plays an important part in how this Saturn will function. Domicile and fall planets are the best, domicile create ease in finding opportunities to make income, and fall works hard to create income, making sure it happens.

Now that we know the best way to create income we now judge to see if we can save it. To accumulate money the 2nd house ruler must make an aspect to the ruler of the 8th or 11th. 

Rulers and Aspects......

Here is what it might mean when the rulers of these houses aspect one another: 

  • 2nd and 8th house rulers - money from our own business, investments, lottery, inheritance, marriage etc. 
  • 2nd and 11th house rulers - working for somebody else, contract employment, contract creative work 

Now for aspects between these planets....

  • conjunction- this makes making a good income just about automatic
  • Trine- the right opportunities for the income you desire will be available 
  • Sextile- there might be too many scattered energies here, missed opportunities 
  • Square- you feel compelled to make sure your goals are met 
  • Opposition- you vs others, ex. what others want you to do makes you a different income than what you want to do. There's choice to make here.
Now we put it all together and we can see what the natal promise is for wealth. 

To see when this will be happening here are a few timing techniques I use: 

  • Yearly profections
  • Solar returns
  • lunar returns

Yearly profections to see what house and planet will be the focal point for that year. Solar and lunar returns to apply the above technique.

Please note, the entire chart has to be looked at for a full and accurate judgment of wealth, to get a full interpretation book a reading with me!







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