The Houses in Astrology!

The Houses in Astrology!

Astrology can help us figure out where we've been so that we can see where we're going next—and how best to get there. The houses in astrology are like landmarks along our journey through life: they tell us where we've been and help us decide which way is best for us now (and later).

The houses in astrology are a lot like the houses in real estate. 

The first house represents your bedroom. In astrology, it also represents your self-confidence. The second house represents your finances and how you manage your money—in real estate terms, this is like your square footage and property value. The third house is similar to the front yard in real estate: it's a place where you can say "hello" to your neighbors and they can see your personality. The fourth house is like the back yard: private areas that nobody else sees unless they're invited in (or break in). In this case, it represents things like family history, genetic makeup, and childhood memories. The fifth house is kind of like a garage: a place where people keep their stuff that nobody ever visits… unless there's something cool inside? In real estate terms: this would be an attic or basement that nobody ever goes into unless they need something from it. A place where all hobbies reside. We can keep going but i'll let you fill in the rest. 

Now let's look at the themes we can find in each house....


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If you'd like an in depth resource for significations on the houses that I've used (traditional astrology) CLICK HERE.





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