Venus Retrograde Playlist

Venus Retrograde Playlist

This post will be dedicated to the Venus retrograde that will be happening in the sign of Gemini. (hit play on the playlist below and listen while you read...vibes ya now) 

Venus entered the constellation of Gemini on April 3, 2020, and will remain there until August 07, 2020, this is an exceptionally long time for Venus to remain in one sign. Venus usually stays in one sign for about 30 days so this transit is extra long because of the retrograde period, which happens once every 18 months.
Let's try to figure out what this means together. What does Venus represent? pleasure, attraction, beauty, grace, art...etc. What about Gemini? well, we know that Gemini is a playful communicative air sign with a yang expression. Gemini energy is a social and curios sign that can adapt to many ideas.
Retrogrades are said to be a time to recall, to return to your decision.

So the themes for this Venus in Gemini retrograde will be, but not limited to going back to past varied pleasures, intellectual pleasures, pleasures in language and communication, wordplay, loving learning, thoughts of love, romantic novels...rethinking about love can also be a major theme. 

Here is what this might mean for your (rising) sign: (more like questions to ask yourself) 

Aries: desire around a harmonious environment, gentler communication, learning a new skill

Taurus: Thinking about finances and spending on pleasures, paying attention to what you value. Thinking of getting rid of some possessions?

Gemini: Paying more attention to your self-image, finding ways to incorporating self-love, or wanting to change your appearance. If you are doing something to your hair while at home please think about this real hard!

Cancer: This could mean someone from the past crosses your mind but this doesn't mean you should proceed with anything. Enjoy some alone time (if you don't do so often) Watch for any negative thoughts, feel, release and let go.

Leo: Some struggles around friends can come about. Rethinking some goals/dreams perhaps?

Virgo: maybe feeling a little insecure? feeling like you're not being recognized for all that you do? hang in there but don't put yourself in any compromising positions publicly.

Libra: bad news! you probably will have a hard time with travel! good news! You probably shouldn't travel anyways, stay healthy! maybe time to go into depth with a study you started last year!

Scorpio: realizing some not so great thought patterns? too much debt? owe your significant other some money? this could open up a chance to heal some of that. I'd take some time to relax, that's always beneficial!

Sagittarius: romance! partnerships! -_- are thoughts about them foggy? maybe you've been in an unbalanced relationship before? Thinking about what you really want in your one on one relationships...and this can even pertain business partnerships! thinking of starting a new one on one business? life coaching? tarot? counseling?

Capricorn: too many sweets? remember too much of anything is a "bad" thing! or not? you'll's work? thinking about a cutie at your job?....?? no? okay, how's work then?

Aquarius: what activity do you find pleasurable? are you doing it enough? do you want to have children now? too many piled up art projects? perhaps forgotten? take another look, or just play a childhood video game.

Pisces: is your family annoying? maybe they are always annoying but right now it's extra? don't live with your parents? (i heard you) are the people in your private life getting on your nerves? I feel you but you could take it as a time to express why you're feeling this way/.

So now that you've gotten a small crash course on this Venus retrograde I leave you with a playlist I made where you can reminisce about an old love or thinking about your current....or? idk just feel. shuffle play it because the order wasn't how it was intended to be listened to.

Click here for playlist


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