Weekly Astro Weather September 12-18 2021

Weekly Astro Weather September 12-18 2021

Welcome to your weekly Astro forecast where we discuss this weeks planetary alignments. 

We begin the week Sunday 9/12 with the Moon in Sagittarius, a Jupiter ruled moon. This moon enhances the emotional life by being more expressive. TAP into the generosity that Sagittarius carries. Just don't be a snob.

Feels like - a sunny day, 75° with a slight breeze.  


On Monday 9/13 we have the moon sextile Jupiter, this is an ideal time to do feel good activities. This feels more like a stay home type of vibe with Saturn involved but a good feeling doing so.

Feels like - a rainy day, 65°.


Tuesday 9/13 We have the fiery planet of Mars going from Virgo to Libra. Mars in libra has trouble acting on its own, opposite from Mars home sign of Aries where it feels content going out on its own. Being confrontational in relationships is more likely.

Feels like - a sunny day, 90° with 100% humidity.  



Wednesday 9/15 The Moon will be conjunct Pluto and the Moon trine the Sun. The Moon - Pluto aspect brings an emotional intensity to the day. Strong passions can arise today. Tap into this energy in a creative way think of the method actor. The Moon trine Sun can bring about the healthier side of the moon-pluto aspect creating an interplay of a healthy obsession and creative expression. 

Feels like - a cloudy day, 65° with a nightly breeze.  


Thursday 9/16 Venus square Saturn, Moon in Aquarius, and Moon conjunct Saturn. Venus - Saturn aspects bring seriousness to relationships. Relationships are more of a duty here, if in a partnership of any sort be aware of any imbalances. This could also bring about a feeling of loneliness so don't be afraid to comfort yourself if needed. The Moon is Aquarius is great for analyzing and intellectualizing our emotions. Just don't overdo it and get stuck in your head. Moon conjunct Saturn could bring success to anything you've been working hard on. 

Feels like - a rainy day, 65° with scattered showers.  



Friday 9/17 Moon trine Mercury. This is a great energy for connecting with others. Gossip at your own discretion. This is a good day to talk about your feelings if you have been having trouble doing so. 

Feels like - thunder with light rain, 65°. 



Saturday 9/18 Moon in Pisces. The moon in Pisces enjoys the escape and is very much needed after this weeks transits. Enjoy the day by water is possible. Help someone in need if you can. Put on some of your favorite music and tune out the world. 

Feels like - light clouds, 70° with a warm breeze. 




Hope you enjoyed reading and if you would like to know how transits will show up in your chart book a consultation with me. (payment options available) 



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