What is a Nodal Reversal?

What is a Nodal Reversal?

When you are 27, 46, 64, or 83 years old, your South Node will reverse. During this time, you will return to the basics and rediscover the positive aspects of your South Node.

Nodal reversal is an event that can occur in people's lives every 27 years. It happens when the north and south poles of the sun switch places. Nodal reversal is said to cause major changes in a person's life. It is said to bring about new opportunities, and to help people let go of old patterns and habits. Some people believe that nodal reversal can help them find their true purpose in life. If you are experiencing a nodal reversal, it is important to stay positive and open to change. Embrace the new opportunities that come your way, and let go of anything that is no longer serving you. Trust that you are being guided to exactly where you need to be.

What is a nodal reversal?

A nodal reversal happens when the North Node and the South Node switch places. The North Node and South Node are points in the astrological chart where the paths of the moon and the sun cross each other. These points are also known as the Dragon’s Head and the Dragon’s Tail. The North Node represents where you are supposed to go in life, while the South Node represents where you should let go of. When there is a reversal in the nodes, it means that the Dragon’s Head and Tail have switched places. ( if you were born with an Aquarius NN and Leo SN, the nodal reversal at 27 will have the SN in Leo and NN in Aquarius) 

How do you know if you are experiencing a nodal reversal?

This happens at the ages of 27, 46, 64 or 83A nodal reversal is said to cause major changes in a person’s life. You may be experiencing a nodal reversal if you feel as if your life has suddenly taken an unexpected turn. It is common for people to experience significant life changes during a nodal reversal. If you are experiencing a nodal reversal, you may feel as if you are being pulled in a new direction. You may find yourself being drawn to certain people, places, and opportunities. You may find yourself letting go of old patterns, habits, and relationships. You may even find yourself changing your career path or the direction of your life’s path. A nodal reversal can give you the opportunity to change your life for the better. It can help you let go of the things that no longer serve you and open up new opportunities and ways of living.

Putting it all together 

During your reverse nodal return, the world’s nodes will be exactly opposite your own. This is an opportunity for you to revisit the qualities of your south node and learn how to make these qualities more positive.

It may be hard to accept, but your reverse nodal return allows you to discover the favorable elements of your south node. It's because we're educated that the south node is 'bad' (although it is actually poorly expressed), but I have found that it is actually poorly expressed. You've learned qualities of that sign that are uncommon, but you may discover ways to include those that are more common as well.

The opposite signs are always “together”, especially at their strongest point. Remember that your north node cannot exist without the qualities of your south node. Even though you are working with your south node and have more experience in that sign, you will learn new things about your south node during this transit.

When your south node is activated, you have an opportunity to discover what it has to offer and reframe it. You may be feeling confused because the energy around you is conflicting. Suddenly, what you thought you knew no longer seems true, and you may not know how to proceed.

It is crucial to recognize that reverse nodal return is the perfect moment to backtrack in order to move forward again. You must return to your south node and rediscover it in order to fully connect with your north node.

Prior to now, you may have concentrated on looks and wealth if you have a Taurus south node. Now, you must get in touch with your body and the earth in order to access the grounding aspects of Taurus.

Combining the old with the new can be uncomfortable during the reverse nodal return. In order to fully appreciate both signs' darkest aspects, you must also embrace their greatest virtues.

Neither sign can exist without the other. By figuring out how to embrace the best qualities of both, you will become a much stronger and more well-rounded person.

Everything you know has flipped on its head, and this is normal. Push through and you will come out stronger!

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