Working with Saturn

Working with Saturn

We often just talk about Saturn and tie the following keywords rigid, limitation, restriction, depression, etc. While these words hold weight these words are symptoms of not honoring our Saturn properly. Saturn plays the role of a guide in our lives. Saturn gives the ability to create a system but how do we get there? It usually begins with feeling like we are not living authentically. We often find ourselves looking for outside sources to fill our loneliness etc. What we don't realize is that we are giving our inner authority away by searching outside of ourselves to fill these voids. When not honoring our inner Saturn, Saturn will reach up and pull us down. Saturn says the cure for loneliness is solitude. Then we are met with what feels like a rug pull, realizing we are not living a life based on our authority. There we begin to ask where have you been obedient out of fear? Living within the limits others have put on you? Solitude is one of Saturn's sacraments. In solitude, we build an indestructible foundation. The thing about solitude is that it forces you to talk to yourself to be in tune with your needs, to figure out who you are, then you begin to ask yourself "what do I like" "what time should I wake up?" "what should I do today?" so here is where we begin to find our rhythm. Our inner authority begins to come back and Saturn says time to do meaningful work now by turning our burdens to be a source of joy. 

This is one of the reasons Saturn rejoices in the 12th house, from there we transcend our limitations and find meaning in our world again. 


That’s where the real work begins….

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