Your beauty routine and the Moon

Your beauty routine and the Moon

The moon illuminates the night, and its phases have been used to predict weather, guide people through their cycles of life, and even help us determine when the best time to plant seeds.

It's no wonder we've used it for so long—the nature of the moon is to nourish so why haven't we really worked in our beauty routing with its phases?

In fact, many ancient cultures had rituals that were based on lunar phases. The Egyptians would bathe in milk and honey during a full moon to restore youthfulness. In India, women would apply clay from a river bed to their faces during a waning moon. And in China, people would wash their faces with water from a well during a waxing moon in order to relieve skin ailments like acne or rashes.

There are ways to harness this natural energy into your own routine without having to take days off work or go on vacation whenever you want to see results! Let's go over the lunar phases and the best things to do for your skin! 

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your skin in the first and second quarters of the lunar cycle:

-Skin metabolism is especially active during these phases, which means that rejuvenating procedures for the face and body will be more effective. You should frequently moisturize your skin with special creams and masks, as well as use enriched nourishing night creams.

-Avoid drying out your skin by using products with alcohol or parabens.

Full Moon: 

- During this time of month, all surgical operations and procedures associated with blood loss or tissue integrity violations are strictly prohibited. At this time, the ability of body tissues to remove toxins is at its peak.

So what does that mean for you? It means that it’s good to cut your hair to improve growth, apply nourishing masks during a full moon and take care of your skin during this time!

Waning Moon: 

The moon is waning. That means it's time to deep-cleanse and exfoliate!

- The body is already on its way toward shedding old skin cells and toxins, which means that at this time, all procedures for deep cleansing and exfoliation will be effective. The body easily parts with already used substances. Fruit acid molecules loosen the bonds between dead skin cells and young cells below them, so they're less likely to cause noticeable swelling or inflammation of the tissues.

 - Injections of Botox, other products causing muscle relaxation are best done on the waning moon

Now that you know the basics of how the moon's phases can enhance your beauty routine, it's time to get out there and test them out!

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