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  • Your beauty routine and the Moon

    Your beauty routine and the Moon

    The moon illuminates the night, and its phases have been used to predict weather, guide people through their cycles of life, and even help us determine when the best time to plant seeds.It's no wonder we've used it for so...

  • Planetary Remediation with fashion

    Planetary Remediation with fashion

    What is planetary remediation? and how can we use our fashion sense to help?  The term "planetary remediation" refers to any practice that helps to boost or appease the ailing planets (or otherwise challenging placements) in your natal chart. For...

  • Using the Lunar Cycle to Track Your Life

    Using the Lunar Cycle to Track Your Life

    It's no secret that the lunar cycle and its effect on our bodies is a topic of much debate. Some people are convinced that it impacts their moods, while others say it has no effect at all. And then there...

  • The Houses in Astrology!

    The Houses in Astrology!

    Astrology can help us figure out where we've been so that we can see where we're going next—and how best to get there. The houses in astrology are like landmarks along our journey through life: they tell us where we've...

  • Venus in Taurus

    Venus in Taurus

    Venus in Taurus, the Goddess of Love.Venus has been in Taurus since May 28, and it will stay there until June 22. This is the planet's domicile—meaning it's the sign where she feels most comfortable and at home. Just like...

  • New Moon in Gemini

    New Moon in Gemini

    May 30 is the day of a new moon in the sign of Gemini.New moon is when the sun and moon are in conjunction, and it's a time of reflection, renewal, and starting over.What does this mean for you?Well, maybe...