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Por Brenda C.

What is sect?

Sect is a division of charts, planets, and signs day or night. Charts are considered day sect If the sun is above the horizon and charts are considered night if the sun is below the horizon. A planet sect determines how much authority and freedom a planet must bring for its positive significations on behalf of the individual. Sect also tells us what other planets can be best to support their agenda.


The Ancients related how everything is created from these two stars the sun and the moon. The sun represents the ego. In the realm of thought. The moon represents the body. And the realm of feeling. Ever wondered if you're the solar type or the lunar type? Looking at your chart and seeing whether the sun is above the horizon or below the horizon can give you an insight.


The sun and moon are the leaders of the day or night sect. These two leaders have their own team members called sect mates. Each team has a benefic planet, a malefic planet and they both share one common planet. On the Suns team, we have Jupiter as a benefic and Saturn as the malefic. On the moon side, we have Venus as the benefic planet and Mars as the malefic. Mercury, as always, goes either way. The sect leader and the mates operate as a team in order to bring about the destiny that belongs to you. When evaluating your chart in terms of sect. It's helpful to look at how well the members of each sect operate together as a team with their leader. To see how this works in your chart, look at your sect leader and its teammates and see if they're making any aspects to one another.  Sextiles and trines aspects bring opportunity, the square and the opposition can cause a little bit more friction. 


So once you figured out if you belong to the day sect or the night sect, go ahead and shop this track jacket and rock your team! (just click the image!)


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